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"I am enjoying the lessons to such an extent that I convinced my brother to start as well."


"I enjoyed the vast array of information provided in the course. Of particular interest were the thought provoking social and moral dilemmas used for group discussion. As there were a variety of different aged women attending the course it was interesting to hear their varying opinions and experiences."


"We look forward to our weekly kollel sessions, which are a highlight of the week. There is great variety available and the small groups facilitate an intimate learning experience. Topics are very stimulating. "


"I have been studying on a one-on-one basis twice a week. This is very enjoyable. I am also learning Hebrew. I have found the Rabbi to be patient. He imparts his knowledge of Torah in a calm, thoughtful and elicit way. This makes me look forward to his next Shiur with interest and excitement. I encourage others to make contact with Rabbi Josef Chaim. "


"My learning has been truly inspirational whilst at the same time transformational. Having the opportunity of studying the inner wisdom of the Torah with an accomplished Rabbi and guide is providing me with the platform to uncover my true purpose and mission and in so doing the opportunity to consciously work on personal development and spiritual growth. "


"I have found that learning has brought a much needed structure and balance to my day, and brings a welcome respite from the pressure and "relentlessness" of work. Rabbi Yosef Hazdan is so inspiring and his passion for Torah is so evident in every ounce of his being. His preparation, insights and applying the text into practical examples have made the learning so worthwhile and is so very much appreciated."



Take a few moments and listen to what some of our students have to say about their experience with JTI.

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